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Events 27 SEP 2023

Puglia region preparers to host the 75th edition of the Prix Italia

27 SEP 2023
The RAI international competition for Radio, Podcast, TV and Digital will take place from 2 to 6 October 2023 in the city of Bari.

Events 15 SEP 2023

Prix Italia 2023: 27 finalists to participate in the international competition

15 SEP 2023
The selection of shortlisted programmes offers a wide range of in-depth studies, topical, cultural and entertainment products, a unique overview of the best of international radio and television production.

Eventos 17 OCT 2022

“Ser o no Ser”, de RTVE y Big Bang Media, fue galardonada en los Prix Italia.

17 OCT 2022
La serie que transmite el canal Playz cuenta la historia de un adolescente trans que quiere convertirse en actor.