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Content 21 NOV 2023

RCN's "Coffee With Scent Of Woman" makes its way to Record Europa in Portugal

21 NOV 2023
The title has been seen in countries such as Spain, the United States, Latam, Croatia, Slovenia, Israel, Hungary, Romania, Africa and on the streaming platform Netflix, where it achieved more than 100 million streaming hours in its premiere week.

TV 11 AUG 2023

RCN's "Simply Ana" becomes the most-watched series in Colombia during the first half of 2023

11 AUG 2023
The series garnered an average audience per episode on broadcast television of 240,350 households and a 32.0% share.

Digital 11 JUL 2023

ViX expands its presence in Colombia with RCN

11 JUL 2023
ViX announced an agreement with RCN to drive expansion and broaden the service's presence in Colombia, through exclusive content on the platform, original local production and promotional support on the network.

Digital 11 JUL 2023

ViX se expande en Colombia junto a RCN

11 JUL 2023
ViX anunció un acuerdo con RCN para impulsar la expansión y ampliar la presencia del servicio en Colombia, a través de contenido exclusivo en la plataforma, producción original local y soporte promocional en la cadena.

Digital 15 MAY 2023

“Ana de Nadie”, Colombia's most-watched telenovela, is now available on ViX

15 MAY 2023
Starring Paola Turbay, the drama is an RCN production directed by Luis Carlos Sierra and Olga  Lucía Rodríguez and written by Jimena Romero and Gilma Peñ a, with Yalile Giordanelli as executive producer.