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Content 3 JUL 2023

New achievements for Russian animation around the world

3 JUL 2023
Companies have attended several international markets including China, Vietnam and meetings with Argentinian animation players.

Events 13 JUN 2023

Russian content had positive impact after Telefilm Vietnam attendance

13 JUN 2023
Russian companies presented to Vietnamese and Asian distributors a kaleidoscope of new series, from historical dramas to comedies and detective stories.

Events 9 JUN 2023

The Russian film industry to attend SIFF Market in Shanghai

9 JUN 2023
A total of 75 Russian cinematic releases from 18 companies are travelling to the SIFF Market 2023 including the first feature film shot in space, “The Challenge.”

Content 12 MAY 2023

Indian filmmakers visited Russia in the frame of “Filming Locations in Russia”

12 MAY 2023
At the end of April, Indian producers visited Moscow, Sochi, and the Moscow Region, including a large-scale film cluster under construction.

Content 27 APR 2023

Roskino launches new project to promote filming locations in Russia

27 APR 2023
Filming Locations in Russia is heads to international filmmakers and includes Moscow, Moscow Region, Sochi and Krasnodar Region, among others.