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Digital 9 JUN 2023

ITVX celebrates it first six months in the streaming market

9 JUN 2023
The platform garnered one billion streaming within four months of launching, with streaming up by 49% and 182 million recorded streams for "Love Island."

Digital 21 DEC 2022

ITV surpasses anticipated streaming figures in 2022

21 DEC 2022
The week of 22-28 November attracted the highest number of viewers for the company as a result of the "I'm A Celebrity" launch and 16 World Cup matches.

Digital 17 AUG 2022

Lynette Kewley appointed Director of Commercial & Propositions for ITVX

17 AUG 2022
Lynette Kewley has been appointed to the newly created role of Director of Commercial & Propositions for ITVX, sitting in both the Streaming and Commercial leadership teams.

Digital 4 MAR 2022

ITV revamps its streaming offer and launches ITVX

4 MAR 2022
In a step-change to its traditional approach, ITV will now adopt a digital-first windowing strategy, premiering much of its new content first on ITVX and subsequently months later on ITV linear channels.