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Research 1 DEC 2023

TF1 boosts its streaming offer after Salto setback

1 DEC 2023
French commercial broadcaster TF1 announced the launch of its new ad-supported streaming service TF1+, which will be among the largest available in France, and 50% bigger than MyTF1’s current catalogue, according to Ampere Analysis.

Research 8 SEP 2023

Canal+ capitalizes on France’s windowing laws with new movie channels

8 SEP 2023
In its latest report, Ampere Analysis analyzed how Canal+ is taking advantage of its position in France’s complex media chronology by launching two new channels dedicated to movies: Canal+ Box-Office and Canal+ Cinema(s).

Research 22 MAY 2023

Could Netflix miss the European Commission’s quota without UK content?

22 MAY 2023
A potential post-Brexit removal of UK titles from the definition of “European” content could pose a significant challenge for Netflix, Ampere Analysis noted in its latest report.

Research 3 FEB 2023

France's Salto SVOD shutdown: A premature decision?

3 FEB 2023
In its latest report, Ampere Analysis analyzed the reasons why French subscription video-on-demand service Salto is likely to close, a little over two years after launching, affecting roughly 850.000 subscribers.

Research 19 SEP 2022

Why are global SVOD services targeting the Polish market?

19 SEP 2022
US-produced content is almost as popular among Polish Internet users as locally-produced content, particularly among younger demographics, Ampere Analysis noted in its latest report.