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Content 12 SEP 2023

Fremantle takes hit reality competition format “The Farm” to Chile

12 SEP 2023
Fremantle has announced a new deal to license hit global reality competition format “The Farm” (La Granja) to Chilean free-to-air broadcaster Chilevisión after being off air almost two decades.

Contenidos 12 SEP 2023

Fremantle lleva el reality de competición “The Farm” a Chile

12 SEP 2023
Fremantle cerró un acuerdo para otorgar la licencia del exitoso formato de competencia “The Farm” (La Granja) a la emisora abierta chilena Chilevisión después de estar fuera del aire por casi dos décadas.

Content 22 OCT 2021

Fabula and Fremantle to develop new TV projects for Pantaya

22 OCT 2021
Pantaya, the premiere US Hispanic/Latino premium SVOD service, has signed a deal with Fremantle and Fabula to develop a slate of eight new series for the premium Spanish language streamer.

Contenidos 22 OCT 2021

Fabula y Fremantle desarrollarán nuevos proyectos de TV para Pantaya

22 OCT 2021
Pantaya, el servicio de SVOD premium para el público hispano y latino de Estados Unidos, firmó un contrato con Fremantle y Fabula para desarrollar un total de ocho nuevas series para la plataforma de streaming premium en español.

Content 25 NOV 2020


25 NOV 2020
The deal with Fremantle, will see the series launch on the platform, under the name "La Jauría" (The Pack), to US audiences on 8th December 2020. The show first debuted on Amazon Prime Video across audiences in Latin America and Spain in July 2020.