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Content 9 NOV 2023

The strike is over, AMPTP and SAG-AFTRA reached a deal

9 NOV 2023
The long-awaited clearing in the industry’s stormiest season in decades comes as a deal was reached to end what was, at nearly four months, the longest strike ever for film and television actors.

Research 17 AUG 2023

Strike impact: the United States is no longer king for original content

17 AUG 2023
The ongoing effect of industrial action has seen levels of commissioning in the United States reach an all-time low, Ampere Analysis revealed in its latest report.

Content 9 AUG 2023

With no end in sight, WGA and SAG-AFTRA’s strike starts impacting its members

9 AUG 2023
The actors and writers’ strike is not only having an impact at a production level, but also at a financial one, as now the union’s own members are being pushed into precarious financial situations.

TV 28 JUL 2023

The Emmy Awards were postponed due to the actors' and writers' strikes

28 JUL 2023
The 75th Emmy Awards, which were supposed to air on Fox on Monday, September 18, were postponed until apparently January 2024 due to the actors' and writers' strikes.

TV 28 JUL 2023

Los Emmy Awards fueron pospuestos por la huelga de actores y guionistas

28 JUL 2023
La 75º entrega de los Emmy Awards, que se suponía que se transmitiría por Fox el lunes 18 de septiembre, se pospuso hasta aparentemente enero de 2024 debido a la huelga de actores y guionistas.