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TV 7 DEC 2022

Tim Davie presented a plan for an internet-only version of the BBC

7 DEC 2022
BBC’s Director-General Tim Davie presented a plan for an internet-only version of the BBC, focused around a simple, single brand in the UK and abroad.

Content 26 JUL 2022

The European Broadcasting Union and the BBC to host 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in the UK

26 JUL 2022
Following the decision that, regrettably, next year’s event could not be held in Ukraine for safety and security reasons, the EBU explored several options with the winning broadcaster.

TV 26 MAY 2022

CBBC and BBC Four will stop airing as linear broadcast channels

26 MAY 2022
The BBC has plans to stop airing CBBC and BBC Four as traditional broadcast channels, as it aims to “build a digital-first BBC,” the company’s Director-General, Tim Davie, declared.

Content 30 MAR 2022

BBC adds several members to its BBC Commercial Board

30 MAR 2022
The executives scheduled to be added to the team include Damon Buffini, Mai Fyfield, and Leigh Tavaziva, among several others.

Content 21 FEB 2022

BBC and Shine Tv will move “MasterChef” production to Birmingham

21 FEB 2022
The BBC and “MasterChef” producer, Shine TV, have agreed a multi-series deal, which sees the production of the show move out of London for the first time since 2001, and a commitment to “MasterChef” titles on the BBC for six years.