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Research 11 JAN 2023

Streaming and digital formats drive UK entertainment sales to a new record

11 JAN 2023
The value of the UK home entertainment market soared to £11.1 billion in 2022, an all-time record for music, video and games sales, according to preliminary figures from ERA.

Content 9 JAN 2023

UK government abandons plan to sell off public broadcaster Channel 4

9 JAN 2023
The UK government is set to abandon its previous plans to sell off Channel 4. The broadcaster will remain in public ownership but with greater commercial flexibility.

Content 8 DEC 2022

CJ ENM’s "The Genius Game" gets optioned to Banijay

8 DEC 2022
The show will be available across the UK, Denmark, and Norway, with Remarkable Entertainment, Mastiff TV Denmark, and Mastiff TV Norway. Meanwhile, the Netherlands adaptation premiered on October 3rd.

Content 1 DEC 2022

Global sales of British content hit new record levels

1 DEC 2022
Global sales of British TV programs returned to growth in 2021/22 after last year’s pandemic-related decline, Pact’s TV Exports report revealed.

Research 29 SEP 2022

UK sports fans are watching more content since the pandemic

29 SEP 2022
Sports viewing in the UK has spiked since the start of the pandemic in 2020 to today, with women’s sports, particularly football, enjoying strong interest, according to a survey from Altman Solon.