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Events 18 MAY 2023

What happened at the New York City's Upfront presentations?

18 MAY 2023
During this week, the traditional Upfronts were held in New York City, and major media companies took the opportunity to show advertisers, critics and journalists their programming plans for the next TV season.

Eventos 6 MAR 2023

Los majors confirman fechas para sus Upfronts y Screenings

6 MAR 2023
Ya son varios los grandes estudios que confirmaron las fechas de sus presentaciones tanto en los tradicionales Upfronts en la ciudad de Nueva York como en los LA Screenings, que se llevan a cabo en Hollywood, Los Ángeles, al finalizar los Upfronts.

Events 28 JAN 2022

Major broadcasters are returning to physical upfronts in 2022

28 JAN 2022
After the pandemic forced the industry’s main media groups to suspend their upfront presentations for two years in a row, there are already several companies organizing face-to-face events again for this 2022.

Events 19 MAY 2021


19 MAY 2021
Companies such as NBCUniversal, Fox, Discovery, Univision, Disney and WarnerMedia made presentations and advanced their main programming news, this year in a virtual way.