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Research 17 OCT 2023

Why is programming so important in driving increases in FAST viewership?

17 OCT 2023
Audiences are embracing FAST, with nearly half of US viewers already watching FAST channels and most watching the same or more FAST content in the past year, according to a new Whip Media report, conducted in partnership with Mipcom Cannes.

Research 21 JUL 2023

US streamers are likely to see higher churn as a result of the strike

21 JUL 2023
The major streaming platforms in the United States are likely to see higher churn as a result of perceptions about the impact of the SAG-AFTRA actors strike on original content, according to new research by Whip Media.

Entrevistas 23 MAY 2022

Whip Media Exchange: una nueva herramienta digital en el negocio de distribución

23 MAY 2022
Jaime Otero, VP of Business Development and Content Strategy, y Olivia Fernandez-Castaño, Sr Director Business Development de Whip Media, explican los beneficios y funcionalidades de la plataforma global de content licensing y research de la compañía.

Content 22 SEP 2021

Whip Media and NATPE partner to launch the NATPE Navigator report

22 SEP 2021
The partnership will provide a new data report for the entertainment industry with cross-platform insights on how US audiences are consuming international TV series.

Research 21 SEP 2021

70% of Americans feel that there are too many streaming services

21 SEP 2021
The primary reasons are cost, annoyance at switching back and forth between platforms to view content, and difficulties in managing the services and choices, according to Whip Media’s latest survey.