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Content 10 AUG 2022

Winsing's "Gogo Bus" to premiere its tenth season

10 AUG 2022
In its first run, the show will be aired on all the major TV channels and more than 30 digital platforms, such as Kaku TV, Aniworld TV, Alibaba YOUKU, and Mango TV.

Content 5 AUG 2022

Winsing new "GG Bond" film to debut in China

5 AUG 2022
With a collection of delicate VFX, CG techniques, sound design and interesting storytelling in one, the seventh animated feature film will gain high popularity with Chinese public.

Content 22 JUL 2022

The new "GG Bond" film to debut in Chinese theatres next month

22 JUL 2022
Winsing announces the release of GG Bond’s seventh feature film "Ocean Mission"on August 6th and expects to repeat the success of the previous movies.

Content 13 JUL 2022

Winsing launches new toy line for "Gogo Bus" and "Racing" animated series

13 JUL 2022
Winsing rolled out 3 brand new toy series with unique features for the Summer Edition, 2 in 1 combine robot series; mini adventure track series and magnetic transforming cube.

Content 4 JUL 2022

Winsing's "KungFu Pork Choppers" new series to debut in China

4 JUL 2022
Season 4 will be launched on OTT platforms such as IQIYI, Tencent, Mango TV, Youku, and MIGU, and TV channels like KAKU and Aniworld TV on 5th July 2022.