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Digital 5 MAY 2023

Sky Documentaries to launch "Mission to Burnley"

5 MAY 2023
The four-part all access series on Burnley Football Club is scheduled to launch on Sky Documentaries and NOW in September. 

Content 7 FEB 2023

Six applicants join Sky’s new Assistant Commissioner programme

7 FEB 2023
Six successful applicants have been selected to join Sky on its new Assistant Commissioner programme, a two-year scheme designed to attract creatives from outside the traditional commissioning pool.

TV 1 FEB 2023

"The Last Of Us" garners more than 3 million views on Sky UK

1 FEB 2023
The title marks Sky Atlantic’s second-largest US drama debut following "House Of The Dragon."

Content 8 SEP 2022

Sky reports massive audience results for "House of the Dragon" premiere

8 SEP 2022
The show surpassed the 4 million mark, making the title the biggest US drama launch ever on Sky and the most significant series premiere on Sky Atlantic in the channel’s 11-year history.

Content 22 AUG 2022

Sky unveils its new Assistant Commissioner program

22 AUG 2022
The two-year program, intended to attract creatives from outside the traditional commissioning pool, welcomes ethnically diverse candidates and those with disabilities.