26 FEB 2024

EarthxTV premiers two conservation shows, "Ocean Wonders" and "Guardians"

"Ocean Wonders" S2 has debuted o February 21 in the US, while "Guardians" will be launched on Feb 28 in all territories.

26 FEB 2024

"Ocean Wonders"

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EarthxTV has announced the premiere date for two series in February on its network. Season two of "Ocean Wonders" with host Tom “The Blowfish” Hird has returned to the network, starting February 2, and "Guardians," following a dedicated group in Mozambique preventing animal poaching, debuts February 28.

"As we continue to bring audiences a slate of must-watch series, we're thrilled for the return of 'Ocean Wonders and the debut of 'Guardians'," said Dan Russell, President of EarthxTV. "EarthxTV turns a spotlight on the inspiring individuals working to make our planet more sustainable. Both shows allow audiences to broaden their knowledge of our planet."

"Ocean Wonders" (U.S. only) explores the 'superpowers' of ocean creatures and how they survive and thrive in their watery world. The series is hosted by Tom Hird, aka Blowfish, the world's sole heavy metal marine biologist, who explores the mysteries and busts the misconceptions of the creatures that live in our oceans.

"Guardians" (All Territories) Mozambique's Zambezi Delta is home to extraordinary biodiversity. Go behind the scenes of the anti-poaching team safeguarding these wetlands from wildlife crime and discover the gritty world of the Zambezi's guardians. The series spotlights this extraordinary team, many are former poachers, as they balance family, and poacher pursuits and shine a personal light on wildlife crime and its solutions.

EarthxTV, which launched in 2022, has expanded around the world and is now available in over 50 million homes and carried on DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Charter's Spectrum TV, FuboTV, Philo, and on a growing list of regional cable channels in the U.S., Sky, and Freeview in the U.K., M7 in Europe, Claro video and TotalPlay in Mexico.