26 FEB 2021


The premium drama expanded into the LATAM region following its success upon initially airing in Turkey in 2014 as "Güllerin Savaşı." The show has already demonstrated success in Argentina and will soon air in Peru on Television Latina.

26 FEB 2021

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Kanal D International provided an update on how its premium dramas airing worldwide have been performing. The title is “War Of The Roses” and its Spanish-language version, "Guerra De Rosas.”

"War Of the Roses" aired globally and has most recently seen high ratings in Argentina. The title is set to air soon in Peru on Television Latina. The show initially aired in Turkey in 2014  as "Güllerin Savaşı" and later moved to the Latin American region following its success in the west.

 Written by successful screenwriter Sırma Yanık, directed by Emre Kabakuşak and produced by Med Yapım, “War Of The Roses” stars Canan Ergüder, Damla Sönmez, and Barış Kılıç, The show tells a love triangle story between a wealthy woman, a handsome man, and a young girl.

In the story, Gülru, played by Damla Sönmez, was born in a suburban neighborhood and grew up in the servants’ quarters of a mansion where her father worked as a gardener. She admired Gülfem Sipahi (Canan Ergüder), the daughter of the mansion owner.

Gülfem got back to the mansion after a few years and she reignited the admiration that Gülru felt for her as a child, which nobody approves of. One day Gülru’s path crosses with the lead actor of Gülfem’s first broken heart, Ömer Hekimoglu, triggering a war of transformation.