19 NOV 2020


The series, produced by Limon Yapım and Hayri Aslan as the executive producer, "A Mother's Guilt" will be on air every Saturday on primetime beginning 21st November.


Kanal D International revealed the character for its upcoming show "A Mother's Guilt," set to premiere on 21st November. The series, produced by Limon Yapım and Hayri Aslan as the executive producer, "A Mother's Guilt" will be on air every Saturday on primetime.

Suna Duman, played by Özge Özberk, is a single mother of 3. Duman faces the challenges that come with living in a low-income household all the while coping with her grief after the death of her husband. She works in a small fish shop at Göksu, and her elder son Yusuf is finishing up his final year of college, studying law, and also helps support the family. One day he suffers a hear attack while carrying flour sacks, requiring an urgent surgery. Sadri Güngör, played by Musa Uzunlar, is the owner of Yağmur, one of the leading cconstruction companies in Turkey. Despite its success, times of struggle and rising costs led the company to the verge of bankruptcy. Sadri must then take money from insurance in order not to leave his family in huge debt. Strangled while injured after the gun fired during the struggle, Sadri will continue to live as a ghost as the voice of Suna's conscience.

Yusuf Duman played by Mert Yazıcıoğlu, is the firstborn baby boy of Suna. Living with a weak heart since his childhood, Yusuf has deadly heart failure shortly after this encounter. He has an operation with the money that he thinks his mother cashes out her investments from the mass housing. With the power of getting back from death, he decides to hold on to life. His path intersects again with Yağmur, who is mourning for the loss of her father. Yağmur Güngör, played by Simay Barlas is the only child of the family and has always been special since childhood. Her father's death affects her the most and she battled with deep depressed, lack of appetite, and no communication. 

Çetin Alaz, Sadri's childhood friend and also his most trusted employee, is played by Emre Kınay. He is an ambitious and jealous man. The success he has shown while working as a finance manager alongside Sadri brings significant momentum to the company. He becomes a part of the company with the intention of snatching everything away from Sadri. Captain İbrahim, played by Pamir Pekin is the captain in charge of the police force in the neighborhood where Suna lives. He devoted his life to his career and two children after his wife was killed. İbrahim develops love for Suna from the first moment he sees her and wants to open his feelings and shoulder the burden of life together.