13 MAY 2021


This year, the network’s premium dramas “Ruthless City” and "Karaçay & Yılmaz" captured a massive amount of audiences, with "Ruthless City" now considered "The Second Most Watched Nova Series" with a 3.4% share and more than 600,000 viewers on average following its debut on the Spanish network.


Kanal D International's premium drama "Ruthless City" (Zalim İstanbul) saw high ratings upon airing its grand finale on Spain's Nova.  Since its initial premiere in Turkey, love story of "Karaçay & Yılmaz" also captured large audiences.

"Karaçay & Yılmaz" was Produced by Avşar Film and written by successful screenwriter Sırma Yanık, while "Ruthless City" has a crowded cast with known actors like Fikret Kuşkan, Deniz Uğur & Mine Tugay, as well as rising stars such as Sera Kutlubey, Ozan Dolunay, Bahar Şahin, Berker Güven, Simay Barlas and İdris Nebi Taşkan.

"The Second Most Watched Nova Series" With a 3.4% share and more than 600,000 viewers on average since its premiere, "Ruthless City" was also entitled "The Most Watched Series of Thematic Channels in 2021". "The Top Daily Drama of Thematic Broadcasts" also referred to the show as a hit among Spanish-speaking fans.

"Ruthless City"  shows the stories of two families who undergo lots of love, lies, and betrayal. The Ying-yang series continues to expand to additional regions around the world. "Karaçay & Yılmaz" shows families' ways cross because of an indecent deal made between Seher’s mother in law & Agah Karaçay. Karaçay Family's impressive and glamorous life which covers an old and dangerous secret will shake the moral values and the lives of both families, whose lives will never be the same.