5 NOV 2021

Rai adopts a new organizational model by Genres

A total of ten Genres directorates will produce content both for Rai’s first three channels and for the digital platform RaiPlay.

5 NOV 2021


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The Board of Directors of Rai, under the chairmanship of Marinella Soldi, unanimously approved the implementation of the Organizational Model for Genres, giving a mandate to the CEO Carlo Fuortes to proceed with its implementation.

Ten Genre directions that will have to produce content for the Rai Uno, Due and Tre channels, for the Rai Play digital platform and for the specialized channels, declining them according to the different audiences and editorial profiles of the channels and digital platforms. The directions of Gender are: prime time entertainment, day time entertainment, culture and educational, documentaries, fiction, sport, cinema, in-depth analysis, kids, RaiPlay content.

The organizational model for Genres, moreover already adopted by the main European Public Broadcasters, constitutes a fundamental moment of discontinuity and an unavoidable point of restart for the company, accelerating the digital transformation process as a necessary requirement for maintaining the central role of Public Service in a multi-platform context.

The operational evolution from the current vertical organization to that by genre will be completed with the launch of the summer schedule, which will be entirely planned by the Gender directorates.