1 JUL 2024

S4C orders two seasons of new series of "Best Kept Secrets"

Produced by Slam Media, the first series will be broadcast in September 2024 and the format will be internationally distributed by ITV Studios.

1 JUL 2024

"Best Kept Secrets"

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Welsh language broadcaster S4C has ordered two series of "Best Kept Secrets" ('Cyfrinachau’r Llyfgell'), a show where celebrities explore their history and heritage by partnering with an archive or museum to delve into artifacts and documents. Produced by Slam Media the first series (4x60 minutes) will be broadcast in September 2024.

S4C has developed a number of successful original formats including Am Dro ("Take a Hike") and Gwesty Aduniad ("The Reunion Hotel"), and now "Best Kept Secrets" which format will be internationally distributed by ITV Studios.

Each programme will see a famous Welsh person on a personal voyage of discovery at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth, initiated by a long standing desire to solve an item or thought that’s always been a bit of a mystery, and in doing so uncover a series of stories and surprises that prove to be both enlightening and life-enriching. Helping them along to uncover these unknown stories and unseen treasures are enthusiastic and knowledgeable curators who use their expertise to find and reveal photographs, books, manuscripts, videos, audio recordings, maps, newspapers and so much more. The second series is scheduled to be broadcast on S4C in 2025.

Llinos Wynne, S4C’s Head of documentaries and specialist factual said: “’Cyfrinachau’r Llyfrgell’ is an exciting format that offers the viewer an insight into the nation’s history and treasures through the eyes of some of Wales’ most loved celebrities. It’s a journey of historical and personal discovery, with plenty of intrigue, surprises and emotion. The idea can be rooted in any country and culture and that is the key to a successful international format.”

Executive Producer Geraint Rhys Lewis said: “We’re thrilled that S4C have shown so much faith and support in Cyfrinachau’r Llyfrgell right from the get-go, and that ITV Studios have recognised that our home-made format has real potential for a wider market. We’d also like to thank the team at the National Library who from Day 1, backed and bought into our populist approach to storytelling. This is a really exciting time for everyone involved with the project.”

Ella Umansky, VP Format Acquisitions for ITV Studios said: “'Best Kept Secrets' is a real gem of a show, beautifully and thoughtfully made. It brings a unique and personal perspective on a country's history and incredible artefacts, and we are excited to be working with Slam and S4C to launch the format globally. We look forward to revealing the hidden stories of other nations and the best kept secrets of celebrities around the world.”