Últimas noticias sobre advertiser-perceptions

Research 20 MAY 2022

Advertising investments in CTV would reach US$21.2 billion in 2022

20 MAY 2022
According to IAB US, marketing investments in Connected TV are considered "must have" for 76% of brands. The study projects a 39% growth in investments in CTV for this year.

Research 20 MAY 2022

Las inversiones publicitarias en CTV alcanzarían a U$D 21,2 mil millones en 2022

20 MAY 2022
Según IAB US, las inversiones de marketing en Connected TV se consideran "obligatorias" para el 76% de las marcas. El estudio proyecta un crecimiento de 39% en las inversiones en CTV para este año.

Entrevistas 1 NOV 2021

Patrick Casal: “Hay que redoblar la automatización e invertir en OTT programático”

1 NOV 2021
Senior Director de Xandr para Latinoamérica, sostiene que los responsables de la toma de decisiones sobre publicidad en todo el mundo conocen los beneficios de la automatización y la convergencia de video, pero que su nivel de adopción varía.

Research 19 OCT 2021

The majority of consumers now consider TV as both linear and streaming

19 OCT 2021
Across all markets, including the United States, UK, Germany and Australia, more than 75% of respondents agreed that TV is now defined as linear and streaming platforms, according to a new report from TVSquared.

Interviews 15 MAY 2020


15 MAY 2020
Advertiser Perceptions predicts shorter-terms commitments for TV inventory and shifts to digital video. 50% of the buyers and advertisers will be able to replace the reach of linear TV with over-the-top and connected TV, and 41% said networks will be forced to implement a “just-in-time” buying model.