Abacus Media Rights acquires FirstLookTV's "Murder by medic" non fiction series

It´s a true crime series produced by crime series award-winning UK indie FirstLookTV. AMR will be the distribution partner for the programme while broadcaster A&E’s Crime and Investigation Channel, has retained rights in UK and Ireland, Greece, CEE, Benelux and Middle East. AMR will now service the rest of world.

15 MAR 2024

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Abacus Media Rights will distribute 52 x one-hour non-fiction, true crime series "Murder By Medic." Series producer and award-winning UK indie FirstLookTV has appointed AMR as a distribution partner for the program. Broadcaster A&E’s Crime and Investigation Channel (the original partner on the show) has retained rights in the UK and Ireland, Greece, CEE, Benelux, and the Middle East. AMR will now service the rest of the world. 
"Murder By Medic" tells the stories of 52 medics who have murdered their patients or used their medical know-how to kill closer to home. From doctors to psychologists to dentists to nurses. Each episode delves into a different case, examining the chilling true tales of medics who break the Hippocratic Oath and kill. The series pieces together the hard evidence, the means, and the motive to create a full picture of the case.

Jonathan Ford, Managing Director at AMR, praised the genre's lasting relevance: "The appetite for true crime content continues to grow throughout the world, particularly outrageous crimes that take place in universally recognized settings. Told through poignant interviews with the loved ones of victims, key video and audio evidence, revelations from investigators and legal teams, as well as insights from a distinguished panel of experts, 'Murder by Medic' is an exceptionally riveting example of the genre," noted.

On the other hand, Rachel Bowering, Creative Director and Executive Producer of "Murder by Medic," predicted how it might impact the audience:We have the perfect team at FirstLookTv for an important and ambitious project. FirstLookTV has broken the mold with a 52-part series before with our global hit 'Meet Marry Murder,' and together with the contributions of the families and friends, this is shaping up to be a compelling series, which we know will deliver great click-through as well as a large linear audience," she stated.

Finally, Lucy Middelboe, Business Director, showed satisfaction with his partners: "We're delighted to be working again with Abacus Media Rights and A&E Crime & Investigation. 'Murder by Medic' further establishes FirstLookTV as a producer of high-volume international programming and follows closely on the heels of our first 52-part series, Meet Marry Murder. We're grateful to our partners for sharing our vision for the series of this volume," expressed.