ABC and Télé-Québec accquire "Shasha & Milo" from Banijay Kids & Family

The co-production between Zodiak Kids & Family France and Pingo Entertainment was acquired by the Australian and Frech-Canadian broadcasting companies.

1 FEB 2024

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Banijay Kids & Family has sold its comedy-action series "Shasha & Milo". ABC (Australia) and Télé-Québec (French Canada) are confirmed to air the show in deals secured by Banijay Kids & Family Distribution, the company’s distribution arm. The series has also been acquired by POP (UK), WildBrain’s Family Channel (Canada), Warner Bros. Discovery Latin America, Tencent (China) and EBS (Korea).

Delphine Dumont, Chief Commercial Officer, Banijay Kids & Family, says: “'Shasha & Milo' continues to gain momentum internationally, and we are delighted to welcome ABC and Télé-Québec to its growing global family. The strong ratings coming through from its launches across Korea, Canada and Latin America, and the continued interest from our buyers, are testament to the craft, talent and hard work of the teams at Zodiak Kids & Family France and Pingo Entertainment.”

"Shasha & Milo "is a co-production between Zodiak Kids & Family France (a Banijay Kids & Family company) and Pingo Entertainment. Benoît di Sabatino, Gary Milne and Hee Seok Shin are Executive Producers. Seul Gee Yoo is Co-Director and Creative Producer, and Hyeong Min Kim is Co-Director. Pingo Entertainment exclusively controls all rights in Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia, Banijay Kids & Family Distribution controls international distribution rights in the rest of the world.

The 25 x 22’ and 12 x 2’-shorts are centered around 12-year-olds, Shasha and Milo, as they juggle their everyday lives, alongside their secret roles as the Crescent Island Guardians. Combining action and comedy, they are tasked with protecting the island from villainous cats and their plots to gain ultimate power, whilst navigating their own ability to transform between human, cat, and a formidable hybrid form.