Adverto Studios announces new British-Nigerian horror film "A song from the dark"

The film is being released on Prime Video on 12th July 2024 in the UK, North America, Canada, Australia and Africa. The title has already garnered critical acclaim and nominations at major festivals like the American Black Film Festival and the Pan African Film Festival.

9 JUL 2024

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Nigerian-British production company Adverto Studios announces its new feature "A song from the dark" with a stand-out Afro-British cast is releasing on Prime Video on 12th July 2024. Director and writer Ogo Okpue is an award-winning British Nigerian filmmaker, creator and founder of Adverto studios, a production company dedicated to producing high quality genre content rooted in stories tied to black heritage. The film has already garnered critical acclaim and nominations at major festivals like the American Black Film Festival and the Pan African Film Festival.

After the mysterious death of her husband, a woman hires a reluctant spirit hunter to expel an evil spirit tormenting her family. Unknown to the spirit hunter, the family has a dark secret that they have sworn to keep hidden at all cost.

The title is a British supernatural horror thriller that follows Nigerian-born spirit hunter Ashionye, who now living in England, has been hired by her former guardian, Isioma, to investigate and expel a malevolent spirit that has been tormenting her family since the mysterious death of her husband, Magnus. Ashionye reluctantly accepts the job as a way to repay the debt she owes Isioma. But as Ashionye digs deeper into Isioma’s family situation, she finds herself standing against a familiar force that has brought about her own trauma since childhood.

The cast is lead by Vanessa Vanderpuye ("BulletProof"), Nse Ikpe Etim ("Shanty Town", "King of Boys", "FIFTY"), Wale Ojo ("Breath of Life", "Foundation", "Black Earth Rising") and Garcia Brown ("HollyOaks"). Also starring is Dimeji Ewuoso ("Call the Midwife"), Brielle Olaleye ("NightFlyers", "Call the Midwife"), Yinka Awoni ("I May Destroy You", "Supa Team 4", "This Is Going to Hurt"), Lola Wayne ("The Worst Witch", "Butterfly"), Sharon Oji ("Doctors", "Roommates"), Paul Coster ("Luther: The Fallen Sun", "The Underdog"), Peace Oseyenum ("Silverback", "Navy") and Alex Scrivens ("Peninsula", "Genius"). Singer songwriter and "The Voice" contestant Adeniké sings the theme song and soundtrack.

Director Ogo Okpue gave details about the movie:“'A Song from the Dark' is part of a personal journey to push original storytelling and filmmaking from the African diaspora to wide global audiences. The cast and crew are second-to-none and collectively we have made something very special that audiences will love. The film is an homage to my heritage, to the global black community and to my British Nigerian families. It is also a strong genre film, something that not many global majority filmmakers have the deserved reputation for, from horror to fantasy to the supernatural, and my filmmaking aims to change that. Sometimes African cinema doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, and this is an effort to help move the dial and show the world the calibre of our stories and talent," explained.