All3Media'S "Who Bares Wins" to have a local adaptation in Belgium

Created by Spun Gold, the Belgian adaptation is a co-production with All3Media International Belgium and I Care NL, commissioned by VRT. The Belgian version joins a run of adaptations in France, Germany, Netherlands, and Australia.

26 AUG 2022

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All3Media International has announced a new local adaptation of the format “Who Bares Wins,” which is set to premiere in Belgium. Originally created by Spun Gold, this new Belgian adaptation is a co-production with All3Media International Belgium and I Care NL, commissioned by VRT. The multi-award-winning format sees a group of celebrities challenged to get naked to raise cancer awareness. Led by two famous hosts and talented choreographers, the volunteers must master a striptease and perform it in front of a packed theatre audience as they embark on a mission not just to entertain but also to educate. The Belgian version joins a successful run of multi-series adaptations on TF1 in France, VOX in Germany, Net 5 in the Netherlands, and Seven Network in Australia.

Additionally, All3Media Belgium also have the nerve-shredding reality game show “Don’t Scream” in production and set to premiere on Streamz later this year. Initially created by Maverick TV, the latest adaptation follows celebrities competing to determine which of them is the most fearless in Belgium, as they face terrors throughout various horror-themed locations, including a campsite, an abandoned castle site, or a nuclear power plant. In order to win and prove themselves the most fearless, the contestants have one challenge, “Don’t Scream.” To tie in with the series launch, All3Media Belgium and Streamz have partnered with a Virtual Reality creator to create an exciting ancillary enterprise that offers an insitu haunted house VR experiences across Benelux territories.

“To my great delight, All3Media Belgium can present, in addition to The Faker and The Traitors, three new titles to the Flemish Belgian public this year. Although these formats could not differ more, they all share the clear common denominator of being very distinctive and unique in their genre, proving that Belgian commissioners and broadcasters are looking for truly exceptional and highly creative content, now more than ever, and All3Media International’s track record as a distributor of such hit formats has been paramount in helping us to launch new IP and concepts in our territory,” David Ottenburgh, Managing Director at All3Media Belgium, stated.

“All3Media Belgium has continually brought high-quality and hugely entertaining adaptations to a local audience, and so we’re thrilled to have them on board once again for this international hit. Who Bares Wins is a buzz-worthy TV event with a powerful message at its heart, and with multiple seasons adapted in France, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands and this talented team of producers at the helm, we feel confident Belgian audiences will be bowled over by this revealing, vibrant and touching series,” Jonathan Hughes, VP Germany, Benelux, Austria & Switzerland at All3Media International, added.

All3Media Belgium has previously partnered with All3Media International on content from the distributor’s formats catalog to adapt the psychological gameshow format “The Traitors” based on idtv’s format as well as “The Faker,” where two teams of celebrities compete against each other to try to find the ‘fake’ family member.”