APC features "Unknowns" Israeli drama to the global market

The thriller premiered in Israel with very good results, and now pretends to emotionally engage global audiences with the marginal life of a young group of boys.


"Unknowns" online presentation


About Premium Content (APC) hosted an online event where presented its new drama series "Unknowns", a nine episode thriller that portrays a group of young boys living in the margins of Israeli society. "It's a crime drama but in the psychologist aspect, the series tries to deal with the question about if you control your destine or your destine is controlling you?", commented Tawfik Abu-Wael, director of the series.

"Unknowns" is the story of a group of boys, living on the margins of Israeli society and spending their time in a school for at-risk youth. One day, they become the immediate suspects in a rape investigation, which will shake their already unbalanced world and stir their own share of secrets and betrayals. "I took the initial crime investigation about the rape, to explore the life of these kids and I hope the audience can emotionally connect with the kids and care about them," added Abu-Wael.

The series produced by Rabel Films and distributed by APC, was premiered on the public television KAN in Israel with huge success, and a second season was confirmed. "The series is very success in Israel, reached almost 2 million viewers per episode which is a lot, specially for KAN", told Lee Shira, executive producer of "Unknowns". "The audience that follows the series is very diverse, teenagers and adults, low class and high class, religious, Jews and Arabic, everybody is watching it and that is also very uncommon", she added.

The leading characters are teenagers with a very special relationship. They are the best friends, they can fight each other, they can humiliate each other, but they care about each other like a family because both come from broken families. The difference between the two boys is that one wants to be a criminal, he's proud of it and doesn't blame his life circumstances for what he is. On the other hand, the other boy wants to get out from his current situation and blames his life circumstances for everything that happen to him. "You have magic, beauty on this friendship but also is a toxic relationship and very dangerous", said Abu-Wael.

The director has differentiated its previous series "The Boy" for HBO from this new one, "Unknowns". "'The Boys' is based on a true story, while 'Unknowns' is totally fiction", highlighted, but Tawfik Abu-Wael mentioned that he was raised in a difficult neighbourhood as Unknowns'protagonists. "I was born in a very poor neighbourhood, in a very poor and broken family, with a mother, not father and a lot of children, and I had friends like these. I know what people have to going through to develop themselves and get out of this kind of place".

"Unknowns" is not only about a young gang, but female characters are also important, for instance, Naomi that tries to help to these boys. "She believes in the compassion, and understand them, she treats them differently and in other hand, she is living her personal drama", Abu-Wael mentioned.