Association of True Crime Producers announces new webinar and members

The webinar will take place on April 16 with speakers from Channel 5, A+E Networks EMEA and SKY and the new member are DARE Pictures, Good TV, and Turquoise TV.

1 APR 2024

Ian Rumsey and Sebrina Zeki

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The ATCP (Association of True Crime Producers) announces a new broadcaster led webinar "Compliance: A Broadcasters View", and welcomes further new members. The Webinar which takes place on the 16th of April, is hosted by Ian Rumsey, ITN’s Managing Director of Content who will be chatting to guest speakers Sara Winter, Senior Content Legal Advisor, Channel 5, Sebrina Zeki, Director of Compliance, A+E Networks EMEA, Nicky Jinks, Content Compliance Executive, Sky, and Paul Herbert, Senior Legal Counsel, Sky.

Ian Rumsey said: “It’s vital for the industry to uphold legal and ethical standards, to ensure we have the trust of audiences and, most importantly, contributors. I’m really looking forward to our next webinar to hear more from the broadcaster perspective.”

"Compliance: A Broadcaster’s View" will look at how broadcasters’ approach compliance, and will delve into the key elements that need to be covered on each true crime production. The creation of this webinar follows on from a host of broadcasters expressing their support for the ethical approach of the Association of True Crime Producers.

Sebrina Zeki, Director of Compliance, A+E Networks EMEA, said: “A+E Networks EMEA is delighted to work with the ATCP, supporting them in our shared mission to prioritise best practices when producing high-quality True Crime programming. This is a niche and sometimes challenging area, so it is refreshing to share ideas on improving our duty of care and ethical standards in our filmmaking. This group is truly inspirational for spearheading the way to a more conscientious way of storytelling, which brings a newfound respect to this rapidly growing genre.”

The ATCP is also delighted to welcome DARE Pictures, Good TV, and Turquoise TV as new members, as the syndicate continues to grow. Members to date include DARE Pictures, Good TV, Turquoise TV, Back2Back Productions, Content Kings, Flicker Productions, North One, Zig Zag Productions, Avalon, First Look TV, ITN Productions, Monster Films, Peninsula Television, Phoenix Television, Rare TV, Revelation Films, Title Role, and Woodcut Media.

Membership is open to TV and film production companies, digital or podcast content producers, or individuals directly engaged in the production of true crime content for domestic (UK & Ireland) or international consumption.