Following its successful run on RAI Gulp, the animated series launches on Italy’s popular kid's channel RAI YoYo.

29 SEP 2020

"Bat Pat"

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After a successful run on Rai Gulp, Atlantyca Entertainment announces the premiere of their animated spooky-comedy adventure, "Bat Pat", on Italy’s leading kids’ channel, RAI YoYo. The channel will broadcast two full seasons of Atlantyca’s popular animated series.

Unveiled on September 21st, the adventures of "Bat Pat", the incredible talking bat, is flying-in and making his appearance in half-hour time slots with two episodes running back-to-back in the period. On October 31st, RAI YoYo’s young viewers will get the opportunity to enjoy the amazing "Bat Pat" Halloween special.

The first season of the series, produced by Atlantyca with the participation of Rai and RTVE, has been sold to more than 100 countries including Italy, Spain, the US, UK, Benelux, Sweden, Lithuania, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East. 

In November 2019, the second season of the series debuted in Italy and Spain, with 52 brand new episodes. The second season is a co-production with Mondo TV Producciones Canarias, Bat Pat AIE, with the participation of Rai Ragazzi and Clan TVE.

"Bat Pat" the animated series features Bat Pat and the Silvers who help new creatures with weird and unbelievable problems, not just in Fogville, but all around the world. Thanks to Engine 13, a Victorian Age steam train driven by the zombie Molly Walker, our heroes travel via an underground railway to any location in the world. The bat gang will count 2 new friends: Bat Pat’s cousin WingNut, an upbeat and optimistic surf-lover and an expert of Batga – the bat version of yoga, and Bat Pat’s younger niece, Jinx, a fiercely independent and brave teenager who’s often too expressive with her emotions.