Annecy MIFA 2024: Gulli and RTVE picked up Banijay Kids and Family's “Froggie”

The series will air in France on M6’s Gulli and in Spain on RTVE’s Clan.

12 JUN 2024

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Banijay Kids & Family announced Gulli (M6 GROUP) and RTVE have picked up the new animated series “Froggie”, co-produced by Monello Productions (part of Banijay Kids & Family) and Pikkukala. The 52 x 11’30’’ series, aimed at a 6+ audience, was recently crowned Best TV Pilot in the Pulcinella Awards at this year’s Cartoons on the Bay. It will air in France on M6’s Gulli and in Spain on RTVE’s Clan. Banijay Kids & Family Distribution represents worldwide distribution for “Froggie”.

In this animation, created by Eric Noto-Loubier and Cécile Sady, 11-year-old Froggie, who grew up in a huge city, is suddenly forced to live in a small town in the middle of the country. For a curious, confident and adventurous girl, Bigg City seemed like the perfect place to live, but she must learn to adjust to her new surroundings. If only she could get cell phone reception.

Cécile Sady, COO Monello Productions, said: “There’s a universality to the themes of friendship, finding your identity and dealing with change, and we’ve combined these with some brilliant humour, which we hope will entertain young audiences around the world. I’m incredibly passionate about this project and am delighted both RTVE and Gulli, the first kids channel in France, have committed to the series.”

Monello Productions creates original shows for children and the whole family, covering comedy, action-adventure and education. Founded in September 2013, the Paris-based studio, run by Giorgio Welter and Cécile Sady, is behind internationally series including ”Max and Maestro”, “Street Football”, “Marblegen”, “When I Was Your Age” and CGI “Hello Kitty Super Style!”, as well as the upcoming series “Chimera Keepers: Adventures with Incredible Creatures”.