DeAPlaneta sold "Monster Shaker" to France's Gulli channel

It´s the new animated series by Go-N Productions and Deaplaneta Entertainment. It is scheduled to premiere on July 8, coinciding with the summer holidays.

1 JUL 2024

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The Spanish company DeAPlaneta announced that "Monster Shaker," the new comedy-adventure series co-produced by the French producer Go-N Productions ("Simon," "Lou") and DeAPlaneta Entertainment, will premiere on the French children's channel Gulli on July 8, coinciding with the start of the summer holidays. DeAPlaneta Entertainment co-produces this new animated series and manages its L&M rights worldwide (excluding France, Switzerland, and Belgium). The audiovisual rights of "Monster Shaker" are distributed by DeAPlaneta Entertainment and Federation Studios, the powerful French company that Go-N has recently joined. GO-N Productions won the Cartoon Tributes award for Producer of the Year at the last edition of Cartoon Forum.

"Monster Shaker" (52x11') is a 2D digital animated series that follows Justin, an eight-year-old boy who finds a magical shaker with which he can create lots of monsters with incredible powers. Justin and his older sister Gwen (11 years old) must work together to repair the damage created by the monsters while keeping the object hidden. The magical shaker must remain "top secret" no matter what. In each adventure, Justin and Gwen have no choice but to agree, working together to fix the problems and get the monsters back into the shaker.

The series is based on the successful comic series Shaker Monster, created by Antoine Dole (alias Mr. Tan) and Mathilde Domecq, and published in France by Editions Gallimard. Dole and Domecq created the Shaker Monster comic series with a simple goal: to show children that their imagination is a fantastic tool to face any difficulty that everyday life presents.

It is an epic adventure comedy that is also a child's dream come true. The series is an invitation for children to delve into the multiple facets that make them who they are, to master the world, and find their place within it. It highlights imagination as an incredible asset in the process of growing up.