15 APR 2024

ATV closed a deal with Warner Bros. Discovery in Italy

It is the Turkish company's first deal in Italy. The drama "Hercai," which has been licensed to more than 100 countries and premiered in Italy in April, is featured in the deal.

15 APR 2024

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ATV Distribution announced it recently inked an agreement with Warner Bros. Discovery in Italy, marking ATV's first deal with the territory. The Turkish drama “Hercai” will be the pioneer content under this collaboration. The title, which has been licensed to more than 100 countries, premiered in Italy in April.

ATV’s Head of Global Sales, Muge Akar, commented: “I feel deeply honored to step into this territory with ATV's hit Turkish series, 'Hercai.' I am confident that the audience will appreciate this timeless Turkish drama centered around themes of love and revenge.”

“Hercai” follows Reyyan, Nasuh Şadoğlu's granddaughter, patriarch of the prominent Şadoğlu family in the town of Midyat. However, she has never felt loved by anyone in her household except her father, Hazar, her mother, Zehra, and her younger sister, Gül. One morning, Reyyan goes out on horseback to watch the sunrise. On her way back, her horse is nearly hit by a car. Reyyan falls and loses consciousness. The driver of the car, a handsome young man named Miran, is immediately attracted to her and offers to drive her back home. Yaren, the daughter of Hazar's brother, Cihan, is infatuated with Miran. Miran's plan all along was to gain the trust of the Şadoğlu family, marry their innocent daughter, and then leave her the morning after, humiliating the entire family and thus, exacting the first part of his revenge against the Şadoğlus.