Banijay's Diagonal to produce "El Gran Salto" for Atresmedia TV

The title explores the life of Olympic champion Gervasio Deferr, played by actor Óscar Casas. The series will comprise 5 episodes, each lasting 50 minutes, and is currently in the pre-production phase with casting underway. Filming will be conducted in various locations in Barcelona.

5 MAR 2024

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Spain's Atresmedia streaming platform, atresplayer, is currently producing "El Gran Salto," a new original series narrating the life of Olympic champion Gervasio Deferr. The series will depict his journey towards Olympic success and his subsequent downfall. Actor Óscar Casas will take on the lead role, portraying the iconic gymnast.

The show is a production of Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Diagonal (Banijay Iberia). Montse García, Jordi Frades, and Ignasi Serra are the executive producers of this fiction, with Jaume Banacolocha serving as a producer. Marta Creus and David Masllorens are in charge of Production Direction, and José Rodríguez is the creator and scriptwriter of the series. Finally, Roger Gual will direct it.

Created by José Rodríguez, based on Deferr's autobiography of the same name, the series will consist of five episodes, each lasting 50 minutes. Filming is set to begin next April in various locations in Barcelona. Óscar Casas will embody the Olympic champion Gervasio Deferr, a brilliant, perfectionist, and disciplined athlete in his sporting career. Deferr won two Olympic gold medals in vault in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 and a silver medal in floor exercise in Beijing 2008.

With a complex and demanding personality, Deferr struggled to manage the delicate balance of success and failure. This led him into a spiral of self-destruction and excesses, distancing him from family and friends and ultimately causing him to retire from competitive sports.