Featuring Award-Winning Global Medical and Economic Experts, the documentary series was sold to M-Net for Africa and ZDF Info for German-speaking Europe.

14 SEP 2020

"Covid-19: Race for the Cure"

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Liz Levenson, and Benn Watson, Co-Founders of Cactus Tree Entertainment, in partnership with Toronto-based RMI (Re: Source Media Inc.), announced the pre-sale of the second installment of their Covid-19 documentary series, "Covid-19: Race for the Cure" to M-Net for Africa and ZDF Info for German-speaking Europe.  M-Net and ZDF premiered the first episode, titled "Covid-19: The Ripple Effect" in July 2020.

"Race for the Cure" is an uplifting look at how the world is healing from Covid-19, both physically and emotionally, across some of the most compelling stories from around the world from vaccine research and distribution to how artists are helping communities heal. 

Several medical and economic experts appear in the film including vaccine experts Professors Adrian Hill and Sarah Gilbert, University of Oxford (both from the U.K.); family physician Dr. Jennifer Kwan (U.S.), and Dr. Sundar Elayaperumal (U.A.E.), who speak about the physical and mental effects of the virus.

Kevin Fox, CEO of RMI says: “RMI, along with Cactus Tree Entertainment, have been producing the series right from the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are fortunate to have access to the very best medical, economical, and societal experts to help explain this novel disease and show how society can cope with, and eventually heal from, this novel virus. In our second episode, we demonstrate the vast global effort to find a cure and demonstrate how communities come together to showcase the best of humanity.”

Liz Levenson, stated: “Cactus Tree Entertainment and our partner RMI are committed to featuring the effects, and proposed solutions, of Covid-19 around the world. We are thankful to our broadcast partners ZDF Info and M-Net who are sharing these important stories with their audiences. While the first episode, The Ripple Effect, exposed the devasting global impact of Covid-19 virus, Race for the Cure offers hope -- from the dedicated scientists and doctors who are working around the clock to bring a vaccine to the artists and community leaders who are helping us to heal.”