Cartoon Movie 2024: Folivari to adapt Jamey Bradbury’s novel "The Wild Inside"

The animated coming-of-age adventure film will have on board Patrick Imbert as director and screenwriter and it's currently in development. Folivari will unveil the first look teaser for the film at the French market.

6 MAR 2024

"The Wild Inside"

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French animation company Folivari will produce the animated coming-of-age adventure film "The Wild Inside" based on Jamey Bradbury’s novel of the same name, with director and screenwriter Patrick Imbert ("The Summit of Gods"). Folivari will unveil the first look teaser for the film at Cartoon Movie 2024.

"The Wild Inside", which is currently in development, marks Folivari’s third collaboration with Patrick Imbert. The news follows the success of their previous collaboration on "The Big Bad Fox" and Other Tales" and "The Summit of the Gods.”

Thibaut Ruby at Folivari says “It’s an honour for us to be committing to another partnership with Patrick, this time collaborating on the beautiful and unique tale, 'The Wild Inside' from well-loved author Jamey Bradbury. We have a brilliantly talented team, who is already working hard to bring this story to life, and we look forward to sharing a first glimpse of the film with audiences at Cartoon Movie this week.”

The company, which earlier this year launched its distribution arm, Folivari International, will bring this story to life, alongside Imbert and the artistic team behind the film, which includes screenwriter Johanna Goldschmidt ("Maya The Bee") and graphic author David Coquard-Dassault ("The Summit of the Gods").

“The Wild Inside” follows the story of 17-year-old Tracy Petrikoff who lives in the Alaskan wilderness with her family. Following her mother’s mysterious disappearance, Tracy grapples with personal struggles until she rescues another girl, Jesse, during a hunting trip, setting off a chain of events that forces Tracy to confront her connection to nature and wild animals. "The Wild Inside" reflects Folivari’s focus on imaginative storytelling through high quality visual effects, that appeals to global audiences across a range of age groups.

Screenwriter and Director, Patrick Imbert saysWe want to create a film both visually stunning and emotionally moving, a cinematic journey exploring the beauty, brutality, and magic of the wilderness through the prism of complex characters.”