French company Folivari launches distribution arm with ex Dandelooo alum Melissa Vega

Folivari International will be distributing two Folivari originals "Nino Dino" and "Kiki & Ailen" and is currently developing a really exciting slate of acquisitions.

11 JAN 2024

Melissa Vega

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French animation company Folivari announces its new distribution arm, Folivari International, headed up by former Acquisitions and International Sales Manager at Dandelooo, Melissa Vega. Vega is also co-founder of Folivari International alongside the Folivari management team Damien Brunner, Sarah Delmas and Thibaut Ruby.

Driven by Folivari’s ambition to tell and share wonderful stories to global audiences, the launch of Folivari International will see it begin with the distribution of two Folivari originals, "Nino Dino" and "Kiki & Ailen". The distributor is also developing its slate of acquisitions around demanding animated content with strong international potential.

The distribution arm is announced as Folivari celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Founded in 2014 by Damien Brunner, Thibaut Ruby and Didier Brunner, the producer of cult French animated film "The Triplets of Belleville", and then joined by Sarah Delmas as Head of Developments in 2015. The company has produced a multi award-winning slate including feature films "The Summit of the Gods" (2021) and "The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales" (2017) which both won a César Award and a Prix Lumière for Best Animated Feature Film, as well as quality TV content including "Ernest & Celestine: The Collection" and "Samsam: Cosmic Adventures", which is currently being broadcast in France.

In 2018 the Folivari team also set up an animation studio FOST, based in Paris and Angoulême, which specializes in 2D animation and preproduction for 3D projects.

Melissa Vega, founding member and Head of Distribution and Acquisition at Folivari International, says, “Folivari and FOST have long been on my radar as one of the most major and trusted animation companies and studios in France. It is an honour to join the team to not only ensure that its award-winning original content reaches more audiences globally, but to also use my experience to source the most high-quality animated content for Folivari International’s exciting slate in 2024 and beyond.”