Melissa Vega, Head of Barcelona Office at the French distributor explains this new acquisition together with Bernardita Ojeda, Director of the Chilean production company Pájaro, responsible for the animated title.

11 FEB 2020

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French distributor Dandelooo is present at Kidscreen Summit with a captivating catalog of animated series. The highlight for the market is the latin title “PETIT”, an animated series for children from 4 to 7 years old, produced by the Chilean production company Pájaro and it was selected at the International Emmy Kids Awards.

“It is a series that corresponds to our editorial line, based on the Isol Petit book that won the Astrid Lindgren award and with a design based on the illustration of the book,” says Melissa Vega, Dandelooo Head of Barcelona Office to Señal News.

According to the executive, imagination is the main theme of "PETIT" as well as the ability to solve problems. “The series transmits core values ​​to children between 4 and 7 years old and helps them understand and grow in our society: trust in themselves, accept and learn from mistakes, flexibility, patience, sincerity. Also through his family and his group of friends Petit will acquire social skills, understand the limits and rules and face their fears,” Vega said. “The good thing about the series is that it shows a real child who learns to face his worries, who is wrong, who tries to find solutions and thanks to his imagination always manages to solve the problem with the most original and fun ideas. ‘Petit’ is an incarnation of ‘think out of the box’,” she said.

Dandelooo decided to include this Latin animated title to his offer because they like to highlight the best of each place, in this case Latin America, and manages the distribution rights of the series throughout the world. “We like Dandelooo's work very much and we feel a lot of affinity with them in style, so we approach them in 2018 with our ‘Petit’ series,” afirmed Bernardita Ojeda, Director of production company Pájaro. “Since they offered to distribute it, we have worked together to give it dissemination and support. Being Latin American creators, for us it was very important to be able to reach our region and also to other continents and Dandelooo has been a great ally in that goal. We are currently developing the second season of the series and we hope to have 52 chapters of 7´,” she added.

Previusly Dandelooo added to its offer others latin series as “El Hombre más Chiquito del mundo” and programs such as “Locos Lab” (Chile), “Siesta Z” (Argentina) and the new Brazilian series “Taina”, selected at the Quirinos Awards.


“PETIT” received several awards, was selected at important festivals and was recently nominated at the International Emmy Kids Awards. “I think it is a very special preschool series because it tries to observe the world of children from their perspective, recognizing and respecting it. The series questions, with great humor and with children, the conventions of adults and the world around them. It's a series that laughs a lot with children about why things are the way they are,” explains Ojeda. 

“I think it is a series that identifies children a lot because their stories are kept in a very recognizable everyday of universally age-appropriate situations, but seen from the perspective of a child who has an extremely special point of view. Like all children, it is very funny, sharp and its characters are endearing,” said the producer.

2020 PLANS

Dandelooo will be present at Kidscreen Summit until February 13 and then continue with its participation in international markets such as MIPTV or MIPCOM. “We are very excited about what is coming: 'Stinky Dog' ends production this year, 'Taina' will have its launch in Nick Jr Latam and we have good sales on the way, 'Petit' will have a second season co-produced with a Spanish producer, the production of the 3rd season of our Emmy award winning series 'The Treehouse Stories' is ended, 'Ernest and Celestine' has a second season in production, 'Shooom's Odyssey' is selected to the Prix Jeunesse and we have two short series (2min) new and very good: the slapstick comedy series 'Quirkistador' and 'Cubs', a very cute preschool series,” Vega said.

"We are always in search of original, different and beautiful series, and we have found new series for distribution that come from talented producers in France, Croatia and the Czech Republic," concluded the Head Office of Barcelona at Dandelooo.

By Romina Rodríguez

The series transmits core values ​​to children between 4 and 7 years old and helps them understand and grow in our society"” Melissa Vega Dandelooo Head of Barcelona Office