Crunchyroll revealed its upcoming animated series for 2024/2025

“Omniscient Reader,” “Fire Force” Season 3, “Dr. Stone Science Future,” “Blue Lock” Season 2, “The Apothecary Diaries” Season 2" are part of Crunchyroll new content.

8 JUL 2024

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Crunchyroll held its Industry Panel at Anime Expo 2024 where announced multiple acquisitions of several hotly anticipated animated series from Japan that it will stream for fans around the world in the coming year. It was announced that Crunchyroll and Aniplex will be adapting the widely popular Korean web-novel turned webtoon "Omniscient Reader" into an anime series.

"Dr. Stone Science Future", the next and final chapter of the Dr. Stone saga, was confirmed coming soon to Crunchyroll on-stage by the lead voice actor Yusuke Kobayashi (voice of Senku Ishigami). Besides, the long-awaited "Fire Force" Season 3 was announced coming to Crunchyroll as a split cour release, in April 2025 and January 2026.

The dark romance series "Yakuza Fiancé", based on the popular manga of the same name, is set to join Crunchyroll this October 2024. And lastly, after its critically acclaimed first season, "The Apothecary Diaries" from TOHO Animation Studio and OLM will return to Crunchyroll for Season 2!

On the other hand, "Blue Lock" Season 2, the high stakes soccer anime from studio 8bit will once again score with audiences on Crunchyroll this October 2024; the coming-of-age romance series "I’m Falling in Love with You" directed by Junichi Yamamato will be coming to Crunchyroll on January 2025.

From Studio LAN, the thrilling Link Click series is back for "Link Click: Bridon Arc", coming to Crunchyroll this winter. In addition, Natsume’s "Book of Friends" is returning for Season 7 on Crunchyroll, joining the Fall 2024 season lineup. From director Kazuomi Koga ("Rent-A-Girlfriend") comes "Demon Lord, Retry! R", which will make its way to Crunchyroll this Fall 2024.