The Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM spoke with Señal News about the global potential of “I Can See Your Voice” and new array of content coming from the company's pipeline.


Diane Min, Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM


Last month, Eccho Rights has agreed on a deal for CJ ENM’s blockbuster entertainment format “I Can See Your Voice” in Turkey. Acting as an exclusive agent for CJ’s entertainment formats in the country, Eccho’s Istanbul office has agreed on terms with Acun Medya for the rights to the hit singing show format. Señal News dialogued with Diane Min, Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM, to describe the global potential of the show, together with a new array of content coming from the company's pipeline.

How would you define the landmark and business potential of CJ ENM’s entertainment formats?
"CJ ENM's ability to produce a diverse variety of genres, (including reality, studio entertainment, factual, etc.) allows us to be particularly adaptable to the rapidly changing TV format market. Also, CJ's biggest strength is its ability to foresee trends and take risks where needed. Our tentpole format 'I Can See Your Voice' is a shining example of how CJ can draw from a variety of different genres to create groundbreaking and innovative content".

What different types of formats are you offering to global buyers?
"CJ ENM boasts a wide array of entertainment formats covering all genres of entertainment. To date, CJ ENM produces 1,500 episodes of entertainment shows annually including but not limited to reality, music competition, game-shows, food, and dating formats. Additionally, CJ ENM has collaborated with top producers from global production companies on a number of co-production projects such as 'Cash Back' and 'Bet Your Vibe,' to co-develop a globally appealing format to bring out to the international market".

How do you manage the global sales strategy of your formats catalog? How is the cooperation with companies like Eccho Rights?
"Over the years, CJ ENM has established a solid network with linear channels, production companies, independent producers, global and regional platforms. We fully utilize our profound network to pitch, collaborate and delve into various types of format deals with clients of various scales and we are fully committed to finding appropriate projects to work with. In addition, we have a dedicated in-house format and development producer to provide creative input and consultancy to meet the demands of our partners. Cooperation with our affiliated company, Eccho Rights, has been very rewarding and we share our vision to empower creativity by working with independent producers and our clients to maximize the value of content. Additionally, Eccho Rights has been acting as our exclusive distributor to represent Korean drama on selective territories and we look forward to continuing building our partnership with Eccho Rights to drive more sales of Korean scripted formats and readymades".

What specific global regions or business segments do you want to expand for your format shows?
"While it is difficult to pinpoint specific region as we find our global hit format such as 'I Can See Your Voice' can find its home anywhere in the world, we would like to continue our excellent track record in Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe to expand to regions such as MENA, Russia/CIS, and Latin America. Given the growing interest and awareness of Korean formats, we are well-positioned to deliver our formats to target regions".

What does it mean for CJ ENM to have reached the Turkish market with "I Can See Your Voice"?
"This is our very first entertainment format sales to Turkey and our very first unscripted format deal in the region in collaboration with Eccho Rights. In the past, Turkish producers and channels have picked up a number of scripted series from South Korea due to our cultural similarities and profound storytelling centering on a strong female character. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Eccho Rights to introduce a fun, enjoyable, and globally acclaimed entertainment format to the Turkish audience".

After reaching 37 countries and 39 seasons, What is the next step for a popular format like "I Can See Your Voice"?
"We are really enjoying the success of the franchise so we will continue to work closely with our partners and to produce additional episodes and seasonal renewals. Additionally, due to the success of both the US and UK versions, we hope to see more local adaptations in order to appeal to consumers throughout the world. At the same time, we are working on a spin-off version of 'I Can See Your Voice' (details of which can't be disclosed) both in Korea and with our clients abroad, and also new adaptations in Finland and Spain coming soon".

By Diego Alfagemez