Dori Media Group launches international sales of Vix´s adaptation of "Lalola"

The critically acclaimed remake of international Emmy-nominated series has a successful debut on the VIX platform, becoming its first original comedy.

6 MAR 2024

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Israel's Dori Media Group is launching international sales outside the U.S. and Latin America of ViX's original romantic comedy "Lalola," which successfully premiered on the platform last month. The company is selling both the new Spanish-language episodes of Lalola, which debuted February 2 on ViX streaming platform, the first large-scale streaming service to exclusively serve the Spanish-speaking world, and the format rights to the international TV marketplace.

The series, produced by Dori Media International, is a modern-day remake of the hit International Emmy-nominated romantic comedy that originally aired in 2008-2009. Dori Media International Chief Content Officer Joshua Mintz and Ana Celia Urquidi are the show's producers, while Francisco Franco Alba and Ana Lorena Pérez Ríos directed the series. It tells the story of how a successful man, who thinks he can use women to satisfy his ego, wakes up one day in the body of a woman, then seeks to reverse this and return to his original body while trying to protect his job and relationships with his daughter, mother, and best friend. In this new reality, "Lalola" will suffer the consequences of masculinity and must re-learn everything, from walking to navigating her way to work and, above all, the true meaning of love.

Nadav Palti, CEO and President of Dori Media Group, expressed satisfaction with the audience's reception: "The highly anticipated return of 'Lalola' has been met with open arms by both critics and ViX's audience alike. Our new modern take on this beloved romantic comedy series is clearly resonating, and we are now excited to offer these original Spanish-language episodes, as well as the format rights, to the rest of the international TV marketplace," commented.

Chief Content Officer Jojshua Mintz referred to the series' possibilities: "This is Dori Media International's first production in Mexico, and we are all very proud of the result and 'Lalola's' proven potential for the international market. We are thrilled with the amazing reception that the series has received, which is a testament to our great IP and a successful adaptation and production," Mintz stated.

Late last year, Dori Media began international sales for two big new action-drama series, "Amia" and "Indal." Amia," which was filmed in Uruguay, was inspired by the terror attacks of 1992 on the Israeli embassy and 1994 against the Argentinian Jewish community" "Ind"l" is an action-packed series that follows the kidnapping of a police officer by a group of Ethiopian Israeli youth.