EFM 2024: Magic Frame and Creation Entertainment secure new distribution deals for "Rebellious"

The animated feature film will be distributed by Dazzler Media in the U.K. and Ireland, and The Plot Pictures will distribute the film across MENA regions and Turkey.

20 FEB 2024


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Magic Frame Animation and Creation Entertainment Media have signed new global distribution deals with Dazzler Media and The Plot Pictures, for the animated feature film, "Rebellious". Dazzler Media will handle distribution of the film in the U.K. and Ireland, where the film will have its domestic release. Following this, the Plot Pictures will distribute the film across MENA regions and Turkey.

Having already secured interest from several global territories, Magic Frame Animation and Creation Entertainment Media introduced the film to further markets and buyers at EFM, where the companies hosted a screening on Saturday 17th February.

In this modern fairytale, a headstrong princess is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer, Kezabor. The princess’s clever fiancé must use his wit in an epic quest to find her, while the princess boldly challenges her captors and plots her own daring escape. The family adventure film puts a contemporary spin on the classic fairytale, introducing the “modern princess”. Rather than surrendering to circumstances out of her control, she has autonomy and chooses her own path.

Taking inspiration from the classic "Beauty and the Beast" story, "Rebellious" is set amongst an array of exotic locations including mystical forests and dangerous dungeons. The film will introduce a diverse range of characters from unique backgrounds, in a modern take on the classic fairytale.

The studios have attached Annalisa LaBianco ("The Beverly Hills Chihuahua") and Jeffery Spencer ("Secret Magic Control Agency") to the project, with director Alex Tcitcilin ("Secret Magic Control Agency") also onboard. The film’s music is composed by composer and coproducer, Sefi Carmel, and created in Dolby Atmos by SphereTrax. The sound design and Dolby Atmos mixing is by Soundtrack Creation in London.

Sefi Carmel, CEO of Creation Entertainment Media, says “After years in the making all the hard work has paid off. We are super proud to announce that 'Rebellious' will have a U.K. release with Dazzler Media, with The Plot Pictures distributing the film to other global territories. Nothing will give me more joy than watching this fantastic animated feature with my kids, at our local cinema and sharing this story around the world”.

Lidia Chirita, Head of Sales and Co-Productions at Magic Frame Animation, says “'Rebellious' is a completely modern fairytale, featuring diverse characters and exciting adventures that appeal to audiences everywhere. We are thrilled to announce these new partnerships that will introduce our story to the UK, Ireland, MENA territories and Turkey.”