Federation to present Orange Studio's "Soldier" at Series Mania

The title, produced by Tetra Media’s Antoine Szymalka in co-production with Orange Studio and other associates, will form part of the event's International Competition on 21st March.


Federation has partnered with Orange Studio to internationally distribute “Soldiers”at this year’s Series Mania event. The series will air starting 5th April on OCS.

Soldiers”  is produced by Tetra Media’s Antoine Szymalka in co-production with Orange Studio, with the participation of OCS and the CNC, and with the support of Marocco, Prodicrep and Angoa for film production. The series will form part of the International Competition, where it will be presented on Monday, March 21st at 8:30 PM at Le Nouveau Siècle movie theater in Lille alongside the series’ talents, and will screen the following day at the same cinema at 2:00 PM.

Co-created by Frédéric Krivine and Thibaut Valetoux from the latter’s original idea and directed by Jean Philippe Amar, “Soldiers”'s cast includes Pauline Parigot, Louis Peres, Birane Ba from the Comédie Française, Yannick Choirat, Samy Seghir, Vanessa Fonte, Raphaëlle Rousseau, Jonathan Turnbull, Antoine Pelletier, Warren Ferri, François Loriquet, Diouc Koma, and Issaka Sawadogo.

The series focuses on the ‘Operation Barkhane’ mission in Mali, an anti-insurgent operation that has recently been front and center in international news after France announced its withdrawal from the region after a nine-year battle in mid-February 2022. The title will depict the current reality, which includes the struggles soldiers endure while being deployed.


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