FilmRise to launch Pablo Ibar's docuserie as original title in North America

“The Miramar Murders: The State vs. Pablo Ibar” true-crime recounts the chilling triple homicide from 1994 and the investigation and trials that followed.

11 APR 2023

“The Miramar Murders: The State vs. Pablo Ibar”

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FilmRise has got exclusive North American distribution rights including AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, FAST, and broadcast rights to the Filmax six-part documentary crime-series “The Miramar Murders: The State Vs. Pablo Ibar” as one of its first original true-crime limited docu-series.

“The Miramar Murders: The State Vs. Pablo Ibar”, directed and produced by Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo (“Born in Syria”) and Xabi Berzosa (“Loreak”) was premiered on HBO Europe, and consists of 6 1-hour episodes which recount the chilling triple homicide from 1994 and the investigation and trials that followed.

Max Einhorn, SVP Acquisitions & Co-Productions of FilmRise states, “This is a powerful series that recounts the conviction of Pablo Ibar and his defense team arguing his innocence years later, keeping him away from the death penalty. Viewers get to watch all the chilling details from the murders up to and through his Supreme Court trial. Fans of true-crime documentaries will find this program fascinating.”

In 1994, in South Florida, Pablo Ibar was arrested on a charge of triple homicide. The Miramar murders, as they came to be known, were the first in U.S. history to be captured in their entirety on a home security camera system resulting in unprecedented media coverage. However, the low-grade technology of the time made it impossible to clearly identify the two perpetrators who are seen executing the victims in cold blood. When the police arrest Pablo Ibar they are certain they have captured the killer.

In the year 2000, defended by a legal aid lawyer, Pablo is sentenced to death. In desperation, his family start a campaign in his native Spain to raise money for the extremely expensive appeal process. In February 2016, after 16 years on death row, Pablo’s lawyers manage to get the Florida Supreme Court to suspend his execution.

In 2019, Pablo is tried again, although this time with a first-rate legal team, as well as support from Spain. However, the verdict comes back guilty, and Pablo is sentenced once again. But all is not lost for the family when just two days later, one of the members of the jury calls the judge with the intention of changing his verdict.