FilmRise's original "Bloodline Detectives Hosted By Nancy Grace" will have third season

The new series will be air this fall, while the previous ones of the true-crime documentary series are currently available on digital platforms.


"Bloodline Detectives Hosted By Nancy Grace"


After two successful broadcast and digital seasons, FilmRise confirms that its very first original true-crime documentary series “Bloodline Detectives Hosted by Nancy Grace,” has been greenlit for a third season. The unique series that explores familial DNA search and testing used to uncover elusive criminals, is hosted by legal analyst and renowned former prosecutor Nancy Grace.

Max Einhorn, SVP of Acquisitions and Co-Productions, FilmRise, states, “We were able to experience first-hand the overwhelming demand for true crime programming when we first acquired ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ and ‘Forensic Files.’ With the success of these two programs, we knew that when we moved into producing our own original content, this was the genre to build upon. Once we had Nancy Grace onboard for ‘Bloodline Detectives,’ there was no doubt in our minds that this program was going to be a major draw for the true-crime fan.”

Produced by FilmRise and Peninsula Television, “Bloodline Detectives Hosted By Nancy Grace” takes viewers behind the scenes of cold cases as detectives solve years-old murder investigations using two kinds of technology: genetic genealogy and familial searching.

Detectives can harness these techniques to pinpoint an unknown criminal’s relatives and then trace the path of a family tree to reveal the killer, as used in high-profile cases such as The Golden State Killer and The Grim Sleeper. Season three will begin production later this month, and begin airing this fall.