Foxtel to premiere Banijay's "Fatboy Slim: Right Here, Right Now"

Produced by Beyond TNC and BMG Films, the feature documentary is internationally distributed by Banijay Rights.

3 MAY 2023

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Banijay Rights has secured a deal with Foxtel for new feature documentary "Fatboy Slim: Right Here, Right Now." The feature documentary will premiere on 6 May on Foxtel. “It has been wonderful with the fullness of time and some hindsight, to revisit such a seismic event in both mine and my hometown’s history," Fatboy Slim, AKA Norman Cook, said. "Warts and all, the story told in full… watch, sleep, rave, repeat.”

"Fatboy Slim: Right Here, Right Now" is produced by Beyond TNC and BMG Films, with international distribution handled by Banijay Rights. The release of the documentary coincides with Fatboy Slim’s ‘Y’all Are The Music, We’re Just The DJ’s’ Australian April/May tour playing Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. The event's final tickets are now available for sale via Frontier Touring.

Giving viewers a flashback of the big UK-based beach party in the UK, The Big Beach Boutique II, featuring Fatboy Slim as DJ. Though 40,000 ravers were expected on the beach in Brighton that day, more than a quarter of a million turned up, and chaos ensued.

Twenty years later, the 90-minute special tells the story of the epic event and a turning point in dance music, live events and British cultural history. Showcasing interviews, archive and visual alchemy, the film captures the hedonism of the late 90s and early 00s and the last hurrah of the rave movement before it ascended from the underground to the mainstream.