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Content 25 JAN 2023

Banijay Rights takes “Marie Antoinette” to new territories

25 JAN 2023
Banijay Rights, the global distribution arm of content powerhouse Banijay, announced further landmark sales of historical drama “Marie Antoinette.”

Content 9 JAN 2023

Banijay and Cuarzo Producciones team up to produce "Trash or Treasure" adaptation

9 JAN 2023
The production will be the seventh international adaptation of the format, and the latest version of Valencian broadcaster À Punt.

Content 21 DEC 2022

Banijay's "Celebrity Island" makes its way to Denmark

21 DEC 2022
The first Danish celebrity version for Kanal 5 and discovery+ is produced by Banijay’s Nordisk Film TV.

Content 5 DEC 2022

Banijay Rights Sends "Rogue Heroes" to China and the Middle East

5 DEC 2022
Acclaimed drama from "Peaky Blinders" creator Steven Knight and Banijay UK-owned Kudos sold to multiple new territories as BBC re-commissions for a second season.

Content 30 NOV 2022

"Big Brother" makes its way to its 65th market

30 NOV 2022
The new series will air on Klan Kosova from the 5th of December, bringing the Banijay format to 65 countries.