27 MAY 2020


After hitting screens in Greece, Spain and Israel, the romantic drama "Daydreamer" will be broadcast very soon through one of the Mediaset Group channels in Italy.


Independent distributor Global Agency announced that the romantic drama "Daydreamer" will premiere soon on one of the Mediaset Italia Group channels. After debuting in Greece, Spain and Israel, Latvia, Bosnia, North Macedonia and Georgia, the hit romcom will air in a total of 22 countries in various regions.

"Daydreamer" lead actor Can Yaman visited Italy to participate in shows in previous months with great fan interest. He became popular in Italy with "Bitter Sweet", in which he played the role of Ferit Aslan, earning many fans who followed him every afternoon on Channel 5.

The drama is produced by Gold Film, which is one of the leading producers in Turkey and has a proven track record with previous productions such as 'Iffet', 'Dila' and 'Never Let Go'. It has 160 business hours, and has been successfully streamed on Star TV with record ratings.

"Daydreamer" tells the story of a fun-loving, dreamy woman on a tumultuous romantic adventure journey, leaving her father's grocery store behind to tame the wild heart of a world-famous photographer and teach them both about love.

"Recently the sales of our hit romcom 'Daydreamer' have increased a lot. In these difficult days we are in, this type of series will be very good for the souls of the viewers. 'Daydreamer' is achieving high marks and the actors of the series have large groups of fans in all countries where it is broadcast," said İzzet Pinto, Founder and CEO of Global Agency.