GoQuest Media series "Ruby Ring" heads to Ecuador

TC Television has picked up the exclusive TV rights for the Ukranian gripping drama, that it has already aired in more than 45 countries.


"Ruby Ring"


GoQuest Media has concluded a deal for its popular Ukrainian drama "Ruby Ring" with the Ecuadorian broadcaster TC Televisión, which has acquired the exclusive TV rights for the gripping high-end drama. "Ruby Ring" is the first Ukrainian series ever to be aired on a TV channel in Ecuador and will soon make its debut on TC Televisión, one of the leading channels in the country.

The drama which has captured the attention and imagination of audiences around the world has aired in more than 45 countries with phenomenal ratings, including a local adaptation in Indonesia.

Produced by Media Group Ukraine (based on a KBS format) and adapted from one of Korea’s most loved TV shows, "Ruby Ring" (95x 45’) a multi-layered and captivating story of two sisters, Anna and Yana, whose lives change drastically by events that alter their destiny, putting them at a vital crossroads of their lives in conflict with each other for the perfect life.

As they travel together, with Anna heading to her wedding rehearsal and Yana on her way to an audition, their car crashes leaving them unconscious with serious injuries. At the time of the accident and as a coincidence Yana was wearing her sister’s ruby ring and hence is assumed to be Anna. Having recovered, envious and ambitious Yana decides to play along with the mistaken identity and lies to take away everything her sister has: her face, her love, and her life. While Anna is determined to regain what rightfully belongs to her, Yana fights for the happiness she has stolen from her sister.

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