Gusto TV announces new recipe search engine in the United States

The company allowed patent application for recipe search engine called OBR and combines and integrates multiple recipes, ingredients, food sources, into one comprehensive linear recipe.

25 JUL 2023

Gusto TV

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Gusto TV announces that its first patent application, “An On-line System and Method for Searching Recipes for Meal Planning” (US Patent Appl. No. 17/258,814), has been allowed by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The allowance is the final hurdle of examination and the patent will be issued in the coming weeks. Gusto TV has other patent applications pending in the US and other jurisdictions related to this technology.

Gusto TV’s revolutionary new recipe search engine and meal preparation platform is nicknamed “The OBR.” OBR stands for "One Big Recipe" and describes one of the search engines primary functions: the combination and integration of multiple recipes, ingredients, food sources, into one comprehensive linear recipe.

“We’ve been working on this for over 10 years and now the technology has caught up to the vision,” said Gusto TV's CEO Chris Knight. “The OBR algorithm is far more advanced than anything currently available on the internet. Users will experience a breathtaking level of discoverability and interactivity while solving the age-old problem: what to make for dinner.”

The search engine also includes an unprecedented level of bespoke modification options, including variables such as multi-user participation, allergy and diet considerations, pantry consolidation, retailer ingredient sales, meal time, budget, digital couponing, how-to video content, recipe video content, and contesting.

In 2019, Gusto TV produced the first of two seasons of a television series called "One Big Recipe" based on a functionality similar to the OBR technology. “The OBR on 'One Big Recipe' the TV show is a simpler version of what users can expect once we’ve rolled out the search engine, hopefully before the Holiday season,” said Knight.