27 JUL 2020


The Armoza formats "The Moves" and "Beat the Grid" have been licensed in India by Frames Production Company.


Armoza Formats, part of ITV Studios, has announced that dance makeover format, “The Moves”, and CGI-based interactive studio game show, “Beat the Grid”, have been taken in India by Frames Production Company.

From Armoza Formats, “The Moves” (60-90’) will inspire anyone and everyone to bust a move. In each episode four all-star dance coaches go head-to-head to prove who can give the most amazing dance makeover of the night. Potential participants, who want and need a dance makeover, will showcase their moves for our dance coaches. From a 60-year-old grandpa who wants to “boogie” with his grandkids to a shy overweight teen who is ready to break out of her shell, each episode brings a variety of fun and relatable characters and stories. The coaches will pick the contestant who had the moves they can work with and in the second half of the episode, we will meet each duo in the studio as they reveal their makeovers in front of a live audience, family and friends. Only the studio audience will decide which coach brought the winning moves.

From Armoza Formats and Gamechanger, this game show brings a giant battle-of-minds to life as one contestant fights against millions of viewers to “Beat the Grid” (30’)! In each round, the contestant must find the answers to a question on a giant grid – some are right, some are wrong. Contestants must find a minimum number of correct answers in order to beat each grid. From 1x1 until 6x6, the grid keeps getting bigger – and so does the potential cash prize because the more correct answers you find, the more money you win! But they aren’t the only ones playing… after 10 seconds, viewers playing from home can join in for a chance to take their answer and take the money. Can the contestant answer faster than the viewers at home or will the viewers be the ones to Beat The Grid?

Ranjeet Thakur, Founder of Frames Production Company, “The times are trying but our job is to keep people entertained and interested in the brighter things of life. It is great to be working with Armoza Formats and ITV Studios and we look forward to continuing to work with them on many more interesting formats.”

Amos Neumann, COO of Armoza Formats, “We are thrilled that these fun and unique shows are making their way to India. Both ‘The Moves’ and ‘Beat the Grid’ provide unique takes to the popular genres they belong to, whether with innovative technology or by inspiring everyone to dance, no matter how good your moves are.”