Korea's Kocowa+ has launched in Europe and Oceania

The K-content streaming service is debuting with 30,000 hours of content. In total, it will launch in 39 territories.

3 APR 2024

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K-entertainment subscription streamer Kocowa+ has launched in Europe and Oceania, offering 30,000 hours with English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese subtitles. In total, it will launch in 39 territories. It´s a joint venture formed by Korean broadcasters KBS, MBC and SBS, SK Square Americas and Content Wavve. The service launched in 2017 and is already in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil. The company is priced at at €6.99 ($6.99) per month for basic access, with premium plans offering up to four logins at €7.99 ($7.99). A 30% discount on new subscriptions is being offered for the first year.

One facet of the service is that all new programs are made available within eight hours of their broadcast in Korea, all fully equipped with subtitles. A curated KocoCraves feature will comprise a mix of live viewing parties and selected content that encourages fan engagement and access to easy-access fan favorite content. The content mix includes K-dramas, K-pop films and performances, celebrity-led reality shows and variety shows. Newly launched dramas include" Queen of Divorce", about a top divorce mediator who offers a ‘vengeful solution’ against the maddening spouse of a client, romantic daily drama "Su Ji and U Ri", historical wartime romance series "My Dearest", season two of "Escape of the Seven" and the Park Seo-jun starrer "Fight For My Way", which follows four friends pursuing their dreams.

Library dramas include coming-of-age college drama "Weightlifting Fairy Kim-Book Joo"; "Coffee Prince", about a poor girl disguised as a woman who falls in love with the owner of a cafe that hires men only; high school drama" "Extraordinary You and High Kick!", which is billed as “Modern Family with a Korean twist.” On the unscripted front are shows such as "Weekly Idol", "Home Alone", "The Manager" and "How Do You Play", featuring comedian Yoo Jae-suk. Exclusive content includes "Alumni Lovers", in which former classmates reunite with old crushes, and subs in the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Spain will have access to variety show "Running Man".

K-pop shows will also be well represented with the likes of "Idol Star Athletics Championships", girl group travel series "NewJeans Travel Code in Busan" and "BTS Chronicles". Travel series featuring K-pop groups has become big business and further shows from the genre include "Aespa’s Sync Road", "EXO Travel the World on a Ladder" and "NCT Life", which offers seasons set in Osaka, Chuncheon and Honcheon, along with "DREAM in Wonderland", in which NCT DREAM members escape the city life and enjoy vacations in small towns. Kocowa+ will also offer live streams of concerts and music chart shows, including year-end productions such as KBS Song Festival, SBS Entertainment Awards and MBC Music Festival.

KunHee Park, CEO and CPO, Crossfunctional of KOCOWA+ referred to the company's major investment:“As the home of the largest Korean Content library outside of Korea, we are honored to bring the first 100% Korean streaming platform to Europe and Oceania. As we introduce our unique brand to new subscribers, we are excited about our ability to understand what the audience wants so that we can create customized experiences for them based on their preferences to enable them to discover, connect and enjoy everything our platform has to offer," noted.

The launch comes on the back of a Media Partners Asia report that suggested Korean content accounted for 50% of SVOD viewership and 42% of free streaming viewing across Asia in the first half of 2023, and amidst growing popularity of K-content around the world. Parrot Analytics also recently reported that K-content demand had doubled since 2018 and is currently at an all-time high.