"Hercai", one of the latest record breaker production brought by ATV, continues to be a sensation -not only locally, but also globally.

28 MAY 2020


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lt only has been a year since "Hercai", by ATV, aired in Turkey, even within such a short period of time; the drama is now acquired by 25 countries worldwide including Chile, Argentina, Spain, and Uzbekistan, to add many more.

Through his social media account, Lebanese producer and director Fady Dagher gave his honest thoughts and complimentary after a series of analysis. He evaluated the leads, the directors and the general theme as a whole. According to Dagher, actors put a huge amount of effort both by their inner dialogues and their miraculous way of the use of silence. He added: "On this drama there lies a concept of respect towards the silence."

Lebanese director takes his evaluation to a next level by stating the fact that "Hercai" is like a magnet! lt attracts you to Miran's and Reyyan's worlds from the very first episode the series enchants the viewer with its well-narrated script. "Even though the viewer hasn't seen the actors beware; as a viewer, he felt as if he did. And, the general theme of this drama is the rhythm," said. "The character development of the leading actor Miran is worth seeing, while Reyyan shines on his well-deserved darkness the general story of the two families shaped around their impossible lave", he concluded.